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Industries: Restaurant, Bar and Hospitality

We understand the difficulties restaurant owners face in managing their employees and their business. There are complex tax laws surrounding tipped employees. At Simply Payroll we provide peace of mind to restaurant owners and allow them to avoid the pitfalls that can occur with restaurant employees wage and tips.

Our Restaurant Payroll Service Includes:

  • FICA Tip Credit Report - Simply Payroll will help you get the maximum benefit from this powerful business tax credit. In addition to maintaining your payroll records, we can track your matching portion of FICA paid on tips in excess of minimum wage on a per period, monthly, quarterly, yearly or fiscal year basis - whenever you need it! Tracking this information could lead to substantial business tax savings-to-minimum management.
  • Shortfall Report / Tracking - In cases where employees have not earned wages sufficient to meet their taxes and voluntary deductions, it is revealed on this report. This enables you, the employer, to recover those funds from future paychecks. We here at Payroll Services track deficit funding. We then follow the repayment progress until it reaches completion.
  • TEFRA Service - Required for large food or beverage organizations, this additional tip reporting is needed for Form 8027. Payroll Services does the necessary calculations of tip allocations for inclusion on the employees W2 forms.
  • Tip-to-Minimum Validation - Our system will make sure the wages you pay your staff and the tips they report keep your business in compliance with minimum wage requirements, giving you the information and the tools to keep both your employees and the government happy.

Simply Payroll also provides:

  • Electronic report access
  • Multi-location delivery
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Interface with major Time and Attendance/POS Systems
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